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Bics are always good when it comes to lighters. But why not have fun with the flame?


Check out the varieties of lighters we have in stock. We have a number of Zippo styles and also cigar torch lighters.

No matter how much you smoke or when you smoke, there are needs for every kind of smoker. Clear the air with incense or cleanse your body with detox cleansers. Sam’s Tobacco has the right additions to make your smoking experience top-notch. Our staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and ready to answer product questions and make suggestions for your smoking pleasure.

Accessories for every smoker

Light 'em up with stylish lighters

  • Cigar cutters and humidors

  • Lighters including Zippo

  • Incense - Wild Berry and Smoke Odor Candles

  • Ashtrays and novelties

  • A variety of cigarette cases

  • Gift sets and kits

  • E-cigarette accessories

  • Glassware items and cleaners

Just some of our accessories:

Smoking Accessories Hookah

Looking for something specific? Call and ask!



Accessorize your smoking experience

Smoking is more than just a habit; it’s a way of life. You shouldn’t have to hide the fact that you smoke, and you shouldn’t be ashamed. Show the world your love for the smoke and accessorize your life and your smoking experience.