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Styles such as chillums are great because they give you a stronger hit but you smoke less.


Bubblers are fun and cool down your throat while you smoke, giving you a smoother and more pure hit when you’re smoking.

Smoking from glass can give you a varied experience.  Each style of piece has its own merits and can create a different smoking experience for a person. They come in compact varieties that are easy to take on the go to large and ornate works of art.

Know your options

Find choices for your ideal hit

  • Water pipes of different sizes

  • Unique oil rigs

  • Stylized bubblers

  • Easy to clean chillums

  • Spoons and accessories

  • Replacement parts

  • A large assortment of hookahs

Find all the supplies you need:

Get gorgeous glass pieces

Glass is all the rage for modern smoking accessories. There are benefits to smoking out of glass pipes, but there are also other options that are as fun to own, as they are to smoke from. We have an option to match every personality, so stop by and find yours today.

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