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Choose between nearly 200 flavors and varieties to find the perfect flavor combination for you.


If you’re new to vaping, talk to one of our experienced staff and they will help you get started. Get assistance with choosing flavors, nicotine mg and vaping accessories.

The truth is that every smoke you take from a cigarette, cigar or even an e-cig is a bit of a health risk. However, you can reduce the risk and increase the flavor by choosing from one of the vaping options. It’s also the only acceptable type of smoking in many public places.

No cigarette is 100% safe

Find the vape that works for you

  • Simply Vapour and Blue Ox e-cigs

  • Many liquid choices to pick from

  • Electronic cigarette kits

  • Replacement parts available

  • Over 200 flavors and varieties

  • Unique rebuildable mods

  • Additional batteries and accessories

  • Backup vapes and upgrades

Everything you need for your e-cigs


So, you like to smoke but you’re tired of worrying about the potential health risks of lighting up? Want to try something new and learn a completely new way of smoking? E-cigarettes are options for smokers who love to smoke but want to reduce health risks.

Take back your smoking experience

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Get hooked up and start vaping.