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Roll your own

How you roll your smokes is up to you; however, at Sam’s Tobacco you have options.


When your hands are tired, think about a machine to help you roll more and roll faster. Check out our selection of Top-O-Matic, Gambler and Premier.

Why sacrifice your favorites when it comes to smoking? At Sam’s Tobacco you can get many popular tobacco brands for rolling including American Spirit. Find familiar smoke or try something new. We have the best flavors and brands at an affordable price.

Rolling your own cigarettes is a great way to take charge of your smoking experience. It allows you to choose the kind of tobacco you want to smoke, include as much tobacco as you would like and create custom blends for your cigarette smoking needs.

Take charge of your smoking experience

Choose from a ton of brands

Roll with machines or by hand

  • Top choices in filters, papers and machines

  • Amazing selection of tobacco brands

  • A long line of vape choices

  • Walk-in humidor for cigars and cigarillos

  • Check out glassware and pipes

  • Convenient location and hours

  • Experienced staff to help you

  • Affordable pricing

Why shop for your supplies here?

Roll your own ciga

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